About Lea

Lea Nichols is a contemporary fluid artist who lives and works in Peterborough, Ontario and paints under her grandmother’s maiden name Dwyer. Dwyer’s inspiration for creating these abstract works comes from the organic nature of the free flowing paint moving across a surface like the breathing motion of the oceans tide. Her passion for surfing, the ocean and travels around the world to discover different places has been her continued muse. The love she has for the natural world is apparent in her works as they embrace the colour combinations that are found in these wild and vibrant settings.


She allows each piece to begin without plans or any preconceived notions. Creating a canvas with a combination of pallet knives, imprinting, textured medium and pouring paint at different transparencies and viscosities. Continuously experimenting with reactions between materials and gravity to allow the painting to emerge and the fluid look created by the different colours merging together. The process is entirely intuitive and never to be duplicated. The paintings are composed of many layers of vibrant colour that fosters a canvas full of potential life, each generating its own flowing abstract surface left open to interpretation by the observer.

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